While electricity and wires can be dangerous, that doesn't mean that learning about them and about what it takes to be an electrician can't be fun.

Whether you've already started learning about light switches and circuits, or you aren't quite sure what makes a lightbulb turn on - we've got some pretty cool activities for you!

For those looking for a challenge, we've created the Mr. Electric Cornwall Safety Check List. Using it, you'll be able to determine if your house and classroom are safe and ready for use! It's the perfect way for any aspiring electrician to start learning the ropes. Plus, we've included some activity ideas that you and your parents or classmates can work on to help spread the word about electrical safety. You'll be having fun, learning about electricity AND helping to save lives! If you're interested, you can download the Safety Checklist.

If you're more artistically minded, we've also created a Mr. Electric Cornwall Colouring Book. Each page follows the story of a Mr. Electric Cornwall electrician on a usual day at work. So not only will you be able to create masterpieces fit for the Louvre, you'll be gaining a unique perspective into the knowledge and professionalism it takes to be an electrician. And the best part is, once you've downloaded and printed it - you'll be able to work on it even if the power goes out!

Download our colouring book here