Light dimmers and timers, professionally installed by Mr. Electric Cornwall, are a great way to conserve energy, control your utility costs and enhance your home's lighting design. We offer a wide variety of residential light dimmers and timers for virtually every need.

Lighting Dimmers

Light dimmers, also known as rheostats, provide added control to your lighting design and extra savings on your monthly electric bills. With just the push of a slider or twist of a knob, lighting dimmers allow you to precisely control the intensity of your interior lighting.

When your home is equipped with lighting dimmers, you can create an intimate atmosphere that's ideal for dining and entertaining or turn up the intensity to suit your mood and needs. We also install wireless lighting dimmers that allow you to control your lighting intensity remotely. We even offer weather resistant outdoor lighting dimmers to give you greater control of porch and patio lighting. With our wide selection of light dimmers and the experience and skill of our professional lighting technicians – if you can imagine it, Mr. Electric Cornwall can do it.

Residential Light Timers

Lighting timers also provide a new level of control for your home's lighting design. Lighting timers are available in a wide choice of options and Mr. Electric Cornwall can recommend the right one for you and your family. In addition to saving energy and utility costs by turning lights off when they're not needed, timers also add security for your home and those you love.

Light timers are ideal for families with young children who are notorious for not turning out the lights when they leave a room. There are also motion activated timers that turn off the lights when no movement is detected.

Why come home to a dark, unsafe house, when you can have a well-lit, welcoming home with lighting timers from Mr. Electric Cornwall? Lighting timers can give would-be intruders the impression that your home is occupied while you're at work or traveling for business or pleasure and Mr. Electric Cornwall also installs exterior landscape lighting timers.