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Q1: What is LOT20?

Simply put it is legislation effective form January 1st to eliminate expensive to use and inefficient electric heating. This is to enable electric heating to comply with the Eco-design directive


Q2: What types of electric heaters have to comply?

  • Storage heaters
  • Panel, convection & fan heaters basically any type of direct acting electric heater used indoors.  [exterior, patio, tubular, towel rails are not included] If in doubt ask your MR ELECTRIC electrician for advice.
  • Portable heaters
  • Radiant heaters
  • Feature heaters know as electric fires


Q3: What types of electric heaters do not comply?

  • Exterior, patio, tubular, towel rails are not included. If in doubt ask your MR ELECTRIC electrician for advice.


Q4: What is the Eco-design directive?

  • It is legislation that sets mandatory standards to deliver energy efficiently and economically. It aims is to have more efficient energy and reduce consumption.
  • It means that all manufacturers and suppliers have to comply as of January 1st 2018
  • Any existing equipment that does not comply must be removed from the market.
  • This is similar legislation which was introduced for light bulbs, TV’s, domestic appliances such as washing machines, tumble driers etc and even gas boilers. 
  • All compliant equipment will have a green label marked Eco design compliant


Q5: Who does it affect?

  • Anybody that uses electric heating. It would sensible for users to change as soon as possible and see what can be saved.
  • Anyone supplying heating
  • Anyone installing heating such as Landlords
  • As all new leases issued since 2016 must comply with EPC rules both commercial and domestic landlords will be effected


Q6: What is the immediate effect?

  • Most recent installs should have been installed with this legislation in mind and the MR ELECTRIC team advised clients accordingly since knowledge of the act. Many recent purchases will comply and if unsure ask your MR ELECTRIC team


Q7: How much will cost increase?

  • LOT20 requires consumption and emissions must be reduced without an increase in the combined cost of purchase, install and operating cost. This means that whilst the initial product cost may increase to subsidize new technologies, the running cost will be lower to compensate and the user will save money overall.


Q8: How much will installs & replacements actually cost?

  • This could depend on many things including existing systems, insulation and size of property. Our advice call in someone who understands YOUR needs and will offer the correct advice. Call the MR ELECTRIC to help and advise.


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