By Mr. Electric Cornwall on 17/02/2017

Mr. Electric and Aire Serv Cornwall is on the road and making their way to North Yorkshire to help with the building of the Allerton Waste Recovery Park. Mr. Electric and Aire Serv was noticed by the company that are overseeing the project from their work at the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC). The CERC is now in their final testing stages, and Mr. Electric and Aire Serv Cornwall has been working hard to get the cooling systems just right.

Now that they have completed the installation of the cooling and air conditioning systems for CERC, they have been asked to step in and help with the Allerton Waste Recovery Park. Oliver, from Mr. Electric and Aire Serv, will be working in Allerton for a few months and will be teaming up with Steven White, Aire Serv Stoke-on-Trent franchise owner. Together they will be installing the cooling and refrigeration systems from the ground up.

Once completed, the Allerton Waste Recovery Park will process up to 350,000 tonnes of waste per year, using state of the art mechanical-biological sorting. Aire Serv is looking forward to working on such a big project and are excited for the months ahead.



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