By Mr. Electric Cornwall on 17/02/2017

When a storm hit a couple of weeks ago, the Windserver vessel had to unexpectantly dock in Cornwall on its way to Liverpool. However, they quickly realised that the container they were using as an office had no power and needed to be sorted straight away.

That’s when they gave Mr. Electric Cornwall a call and they were out to fix this issue the same night. Electrician Oli was on the job as soon as possible and got everything sorted for them. Whilst they were docked in Cornwall, Oli was asked to return to complete PAT testing on the Windserver.

Oli made his way to the docks at 8am to PAT test about 130 items on the Windserver. He thoroughly enjoyed his time with the crew and was even fed whilst working with them.

The emergency docking in Falmouth was obviously not ideal for the crew, but they were happy with the work that Oli provided for them, saying that they will call Mr. Electric Cornwall the next time there is a storm!

Electrician Oli said: “You certainly see the world with Mr. Electric and Aire Serv. This week went to sea, next week Yorkshire!”

Oli’s next adventure will be taking him to Allerton, North Yorkshire to work on the Allerton Waste Recovery Park project. 


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